The 3 Day Military Diet

The 3 day military diet has become a popular weight loss plan because it is quick, easy to follow and guarantees weight loss of up to 10 pounds (4.5 kg’s) depending on a number of individual factors. The plan runs for 1 week and consists of 2 phases.

Phase 1 provides you with a specific meal plan that must be followed exactly ensuring that no more than 1000 – 1300 calories are consumed per day. The second phase allows you to choose your own meals but restricts calorie intake to 1500 for men and 1200 for women.

Phase 1 is designed to provide quick weight loss through consuming a decreased amount of calories. Phase 2 is designed to maintain weight loss or help you keep the weight that was lost in phase 1 from reappearing. You can use a calorie counting app on your phone to keep track of how much you are consuming at every meal, through snacks and beverages.

Keep in mind that beverages can contain high amounts of calories and it is best to switch to water for the duration of the 7 day plan. In fact it is recommended to consume about 3 to 4 liters of water every day to aid in weight loss. Drinking water is also a good way to fill the tummy and stave off hunger pangs between meals.

Just because phase two of the 3 day military diet does not provide a detailed meal plan, does not mean that you can eat whatever you want as long as you are not exceeding the recommended daily calorie count. Foods should be healthy choices and processed, artificial, sugary and fast foods should be avoided.

It is not necessary to exclude tea or coffee from your diet as long as you eliminate the sugar and milk or cream that you are drinking with it. Caffeine contained in these hot beverages are stimulants and can actually increase the rate of weight loss.

It is essential to take the second phase of the diet as seriously as the first to ensure that the weight stays off. Simply returning to your regular eating habits after the 3 day meal plan will result in regaining the lost weight and it could be more difficult to lose the weight again.

It is not recommended to follow the 3 day military diet for an extended period of time or longer than the 3 days. Contrary to popular belief, the diet was not designed by a military nutritionist to provide the maximum nutrition for the minimum calorie intake. Most low calorie diets are also notoriously low in nutritional value and following the diet for longer than recommended can result in malnutrition.

It is optimal to exercise for the duration of the 3 day military diet. Exercise consumes calories and this will result in a greater weight loss than can be achieved without exercise. Exercise will also assist in maintaining the weight loss goal that you have achieved.

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